• Josh Mason

Big: When Life Gets Hard Remember Kindness

Updated: Apr 29, 2018


So my car needs oil, the laundry isn't done, I haven't fed myself all day, I want to get a soda but I know it's not good for me, I'm heavier than I'd like to be, I'm balding, and do I really have friends or just work buddies? *Inhales* I probably need counseling, but I don't want some shrink telling me I need an adjustment... what time is it anyway?

"I don't get it." The sky is blue, even when it rains. You are here, and you exist. Why is life so complicated? Is it complicate? Or do we make it complicated?

In the movie BIG, Tom Hanks plays Josh Baskin, a 13 year old boy who is learning about girls, collecting baseball cards and building relationships the way normal kids do. But he never seems to be "Big" enough to obtain his goals. So after winning a round from a magic Zoltar machine he wishes to be big. He goes to sleep that night, and the next thing we know, he's 30. His mom doesn't recognize him, he runs away after she chases him with a knife and even his best friend only knows him by a song they both sing.

Whats Your Point:

If Josh Baskin wasn't a kid, he would have been like us. Miserable. But this is what makes BIG special. You see, as children we are dependent. With any luck, our parents raised us within the confines of their authority, giving us the power to choose within their allotted limits, and letting the consequence of our actions fall naturally. Its a part of child development, but I feel that sometimes our lessons learned become lessons forgotten. As we grow up, emotions become complex. So complex that we forget the qualities that matter. Qualities like Kindness.

Kindness Is Effective:

When Baskin gets a grip on his new reality he handles it with common sense, which is natural for someone with only thirteen years of life experience. He gets a job, he stays away from the loose women at the office, he learns about currency, etc.. But one thing is true for him through and through, everyone he encounters is a human being. His relationships are built around curiosity. "Why is this guy so different?" When his boss is in conflict he goes to a toy store to observe his customers and runs in to Baskin. Josh knows this is his boss. But he just sees another person. So after physically running into him in the hall at work, knowing that he lives in a place where gun shots are heard regularly, and got there by leaving home while his family is worried sick... He jumps on a large scale electric key board and plays "Chopsticks" with his boss/new friend. Call it ignorance, call it childish, but one thing is sure, Baskin doesn't let conflict effect his behavior. He is Kind, and that's what matters. It leads him to a dream job with a booming salary.

The Cost of Loosing Kindness:

Baskin eventually gets so used to living like a grown up, he starts to become like one. Snarky, busy, thoughts swirling his mind. He got there by joining in with everyone else. He tasted the fruit of responsibility and thus separated himself from simplicity. What happens when we don't take life day by day? It becomes complex.

Story Resolution:

Baskin gets the sense knocked back into him the moment his best friends uses the "F" word. "Who the *Bleep* do you think you are!" From then on he remembers where he came from, and where he must return, but he does this at great cost. The love of his life we've been growing with. Of all the people he leaves an imprint on through the movie, this one is most important. He teaches a beautiful women how to grow by becoming innocent. He has to leave her so he can grow into the man he needs to be. The ending of this film is bitter sweet, but now we reach the final truth. Kindness is doing the right thing. Selfishness is the enemy of kindness, and if Baskin had stayed he would have lost his friends, his family, any real chance of an education, his childhood. It would have been selfish for him to stay, but because they needed him back, and he needed to grow, he left. Some day he will return, but Kindness is something we hope he never looses.

What impression are you leaving?