Ronin M

As a steady-cam operator this is my stabilizer of choice. Light and compact, this three axis gimbal will give you any and all variety of shots that require motion. It can hold 8 lbs. which is more than enough for some of the best cameras in Hollywood, and has three different setup styles that make filming in any location a possibility.

Ready Rig & Pro Arm

A stabilizer with out a proper vest to distribute weight makes it difficult to film on set for an extended period of time. To make sure we get all the footage you need, my vest of choice is the Ready Rig. This assembly can hold up to 40 lbs. and replaces the human spine with two carbon fiber arms and a metal plate distributing all the weight from your lower back onto your shoulders and the rig itself; it's perfect for the 12 hour work day.

16-35mm L Series Mark ii

This Lens is a personal favorite of mine. It works well with DSLR Cameras and even better with Video Cameras. This is a lens I would use to get closer shots of specific items in your film, virtual tours or wedding photography, simply because it adds a personal touch and attention to detail for those key ingredients that make your project that much more meaningful.

24-70mm L Series Mark i

This lens is arguably one of the best zoom lens's on the market. A lot of people use it for photography, but it is widely used by filmmakers for its variety of shots that resemble the focal length of the human eye. Whether it's two people sitting down exchanging dialogue, an interview for clients, or a promotional piece for your website, this lens is what adds the human element to the work you would like to produce.

Rebel T5I

The Canon T5i is an essential part of your project. Having a camera that can cross between photography and videography is going to give you more variety in a shorter time span. Many films and corporate videos have been filmed on older models, and this camera is perfect for the lens choices above.

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